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Why We Need a Better Way to Search?


Each time we search the web, it tracks what we want and what others like you wanted on prior searches. Sometimes it does this too well! We end up changing our searches over and over again to "trick" the engine into finding what we really want. Even worse, we don't enjoy looking past page two of any search nor can we do it easily on a smart phone. TwittleIt (TM) is a better way to find what you really want.

Using Your Fast Brain


We all know what we don't want on a web search. Many times, we know what we don't want much faster than what we do want. TwittleIt technology allows you to use that speed to create a better search experience. 

Restore Serendipity to the Web


The best part of the web is finding things you want but didn't know you wanted. The new unexplored information that adds real value to search. Yet most engines give you what millions of other people wanted. Serendipity is gone from search! 

TwittleIt and find that special result - Come to your next meeting, project, report or event with new information that others will not have or could not find! Take this opportunity "to whittle it" (TM) or "TwittleIt" down to your needs. Get the best results from your next search and be the smartest person in the room.

What Does a TwittleIT Search Feel Like?


TwittleIt makes it easier to reorganize your searches on any platform. It makes search sorting and review easier on mobile devices. Feel the control over your next search. Melt away all of the search and re-search frustrations when you need that information off the well-beaten path. 



Swipe right if the result is interesting - left if not. Using TwittleIt's technology, the app remembers your thoughts and helps use them to better refine the current search. A faster way to the best results.


Bookmark Your Interests

TwittleIt's bookmark feature allows you to keep the sites you are interested  in marked for review. You can jump back and forth between your saved sites and the enhanced search with ease. 

Previous searches can be kept with preferences for ongoing projects. Enhance your recall of your prior thoughts on a subject and avoid the repetition of resorting the same search once sorted over again.

Other Features


Reverse Your Preferences and Repeat Search

Don't like the results? Made a mistake in preferences? Or, just want to learn more by altering the search parameters? 

TwittleIt allows for selecting an item as positive, neutral and negative within a search result. You can refresh the displayed results using your own selections as a guide. These choices can be revised or reversed on the fly and the search can then be refreshed anew. This allows for a quick way to narrow your search results that is more natural and easy to use on any device, especially your smart phone. 


Share a Sorted Search

Like your results and want to share it? 

Send the sorted URL's to a friend.


Review Your Swipe Activity

Don't remember what you swiped? 

You searched for something a month ago and don't recall what you found. Simply check you swipe history, see your prior swipes and recall what your prior thoughts.  Use that information to fill in the blanks and enhance the value of the old search or change your mind and redo it. 

So there is no need to remember what you preferred and what you discarded. TwittleIt can show you your swipe history for each search. And you can modify them from the same screen. 

Start now and regain the feeling of your web searches being back in your control. 

It's your search that you control, so it's up to you!

Use twittleIT for a group search


Do a Group Directed Search

Use TwittleIt as a group search tool.

Swipe your own prefernces

Have others swipe their preferences on the same search

TwittleIt and see what our AI search engine finds as common ground 

Help the Group Find a Common Theme

Use Twittleit on multiple devises - each putting in your own search terms and then share the results. Pass the smart phones around the room with each person adding swipes and the TwittleIt each one. Use the share feature to share all the results with the team. 

Use Group Search as a Team Building Event

Use the group search at the start of a new project. See the team gain the joy of seeing their combined preferences in a search. Use it as an ice breaker when starting a challenging task.

Use the Bookmarks

Refresh the team thoughts  looking back at all the prior search preferences and swipes. Jar their memories and get back on track. 

special Search feature - Places to Eat!


Find a Restaurant

Type "Restaurant" into the search bar and enter a restaurant specific search feature. The new search bar includes filters for near me, price and top rated. Use the power of the Twittleit(TM)  patented technology to better control the search process. Personalize your own search, your own way and see what your own swipes help you discover. 

Get the Reviews

The feature includes access to the restaurants web page. Get menus, access their websites and phone numbers. Read outside reviews and see photos of their food.

Group Swipes: Each Member of a Group Can Swipe and See What Twittleit Finds as a Common Ground

Use it as a group search tool and let your friends swipe too. 

Have them swipe away what they don't want and positively swipe what the do want. You then do the same. TwittleIt to get the results that fits everyone's preferences the best! 

See what your group preferences relate to and find a place to eat you had not considered that matches the group's thoughts.  A truly novel way to group search. 

Near Me Filter

- Nearby listing sorted from nearest to the farthest restaurants.

- Restaurant filter listing refreshed for every 2 mile differences.

The nearby sorts from nearest to current location and can revise the location search if you move your own location more than 2 miles from your current location. So if you stay or walk around in one location you don’t need to repeat the search. It keeps your swipe history so you can go back later as see what you were thinking or if you return to the location you can see what you searched before.

Share the results with friends

Special search feature - Find a Movie


Enter Movie in the search bar

You can search by filters for upcoming, now playing, top rated and trending.

Right and Left swipe

Swipe the ones like the you want to see and swipe away the ones you don't want. Hit the TwittleIt bar (TM) to whittle away the results and find the value in your own swipes.  Surprise yourself with the way your results are resorted and find movies of interest you may not have thought of. 

Take advantage of the patented technology that powers TwittleIt!!

Restore control and serendipity at the same time by using your own personal actions to find what you want not what the search engine believes you want. Use TwittleIt and get what you know you want.

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Twittle It - to Whittle the results and find what you really want



The new way to get what you want from your next search. 



The easiest way to sort your searches. 



The app that helps you control your searches and remembers your search thoughts. Doing it your own way. 

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